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Welcome to computer_mods! Do you mod, rice-out, enhance, or otherwise alter your computer? Do you overclock? Tweak? Re-configure? Got a bad-ass method of cooling? Are you a pro with a Dremel? Got a question about mods? Then share your pics, ideas, questions, or general banter with us!

To make your stay enjoyable here, we've set up a few "common sense" rules that we enforce.
  • Stay on topic. If you've got pics of your PC or other related tech-modding projects you or someone else has done, feel free to post. If you're selling a computer item, feel free to post. If you've got a link to a site that sells parts for cheap, by all means, feel free to post. But if you feel the need to rant about a politician, about cute bunnies or your girlfriend/boyfriend's bad habits in bed, do it somewhere else. Not here.
  • Put large images behind an LJ-cut. As cool as your PC looks, if you've got dozens of pics to show us, please put it behind an LJ-cut (learn how to do it here). We all want to see your work, but not if it means we have to download every single picture on a slow downstream like a 56K modem. Believe it or not, some of us do still have dialup. And even for those who have broadband, large pictures break our friends page. It's a hassle so when in doubt, LJ Cut.
  • NO SPAM. This fits in with the first rule, but considering I'm a huge advocate of a spam-free world, this has to be stated outright. Spam and get banned.
  • No Trolling. Trolling is when you state something with the distinct intention of starting a flame. Everyone has their right to an opinion, but outright saying "Macintosh sucks" will not be tolerated here. Now if you say "I don't like Macintosh because" etc etc, this typically leads to a discussion, and opinions are not only welcome, but also encouraged. Just please retain your maturity during discussions and debates. And of course, with the statement of no trolling comes Don't Bite, and Don't Flame. If you bite the troll and flame, you look like an idiot. Stop before you bite.
  • Selling/Auctioning is Allowed. You might get a better turnout on Ebay, but you never know -- so give it a shot if you feel like it. Just recognize that the moderators have nothing to do with the sale/auction unless otherwise explicitly stated by the mods themselves.
  • Questions are Welcome. Some people have a problem with this, saying we're not a tech support group (like some other communities I've been to), but there's no better place to get information than the information superhighway, right? Just again, please stay on topic. We'll gladly help with OS and software questions, and especially mod questions. But questions about politics (unless having to do with computers and such) are not tolerated and will be removed.
  • Advertising Other Communities is only Sorta Allowed. This idea is kinda iffy considering I see both sides of this argument. For people that are in the community, this can be annoying. But for other people starting up their community, they need to advertise somewhere, right? Well I've decided that only active users to this community may post advertisements to other communities as long as those communities are on topic to THIS community. No "hot or not" communities, no political communities, just use common sense and you'll be fine. But for what its worth, I never advertised this community any further than the userinfo page.
  • Respect your Fellow Moderator. We're no BOFH, but we ask that you respect us as you would any other person. Of course, any questions directed towards moderators in general should go to: spiral2000 and/or breimann

Happy Modding!