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Computer Mods

Thursday, July 14, 2005

9:39AM - Cooling

Featured 2 days ago on slashdot...

How to keep your computer cool.

Monday, May 23, 2005

8:31AM - Jack's new box

Jack and I ordered some hardware last week:

3ghz prescott processor w/ 1mb cache 800mhz FSB
Intel 915gag BTX motherboard
mini tower case (BTX format) w/ 275w PSU
2gb ram (2x1gb) Wintec Intel certified
200gb seagate HD
integrated graphics

Cost was about $600, its going to be used to edit video

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Friday, May 13, 2005

2:53PM - Next generation X-BOX

X-BOX 360 -- much better and much more detailed specs on what it can and will do in the near future as opposed to most of the articles I've read lately. LGT video.

3 3.2ghz processors, WATER COOLED. That's fuckin nice no matter how you slice it -- that's faster than some high end servers here at my job. Though I guess the 512mb ram is a bit of a lower number than I would expect, but I guess virtual memory isn't what they're shooting for more so than overall throughput, which makes more sense in the gaming department, and they've got that in spades with ram being GDDR3.

OH, and they switched from using nVidia graphics to ATI. Hopefully we'll see an enormous difference, considering I've noticed that the Gamecube tends to have smoother graphics than the Xbox (i believe the GC uses an ATI FireGL card or something like that).

Thursday, May 12, 2005

9:38AM - I submitted this to totalfark.com with a better headline...

Person with too much spare time builds PC completely submerged in oil, works perfectly. Still no cure for cancer.

I gave it the "cool" tag. It got rejected but everyone on fark either:

A) Thought it was stupid and wanted to request a "WHY?!?!" tag.
B) Thought it was cool but didn't believe it could work, saying that it still needs some method of circulation especially around the processor area, which would require fans that could work in that environment.
C) Thought it was cool and was willing to try it out as a method of building a fanless PC,
or D) Said "Those wacky Germans."

Supposedly the guy has had it running for about a year now. That's sick. Original article taken from boingboing.net.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

9:04AM - good stuff

See this is why I always say ATI rocks...


Thursday, April 21, 2005

12:10AM - Finally a book!

O'Reilly is coming out this July with a book on car pc hacks. This should be awesome.


Sunday, April 3, 2005


The Acura website shows a picture of a navigation screen displaying directions to the LIE. How amusing.



Microsoft released SP1 for Windows 2003.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Well my new backup server has been ordered and the rest of my equip should be here tomorow. I already have everything built and running except the HDD enclosure and the storage HDD's - READ ON

Here are the specs on my new Backup Server

Intel Desktop Board D845GL
Celeron 2.2Ghz
512mb RAM
2x 80gb Seagate SATA Drives on Adaptec RAID card set up via RAID1 for OS
4x 250gb Seagate SATA Drives on Ghetto Software RAID card set up via RAID5 for storage
Lian Li case
Intel PRO series NIC
Windows 2003 standard

Purpose: Backup my other servers and workstations weekly and do a monthly backup to a tape drive. It was built for reliability and fault tolerance. I only wish I had a hardware Raid5 card in my budget but again, performance isnt a priority. This set me back about $1200 including the Enlight hot swap enclosure for the hard drives and a 500 watt power supply.

The machine is built and the OS is installed onto the RAID1 and the server is joined to the domain... I should have the 250gb HD's Tuesday and then I can call it done.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

10:04PM - God dammit!

My computer blew up. Well not "blew up" but I'm pretty much fucked. I know it was a ticking time bomb but I just loved the performance boost given with RAID 0...

That's right. One of my 120 giggers on a RAID 0 striping array bit the dust -- starting making "chung-chung" sounds and wouldn't get past HighPoint's bus scan, and it just so happened to be the array my OS was loaded onto. It also just so happens to be where all my freaking data was stored as well. I had an excess 120 gig that stored some other random data but nothing too important. God, i got way too trusting of that array...now I don't wanna think about it. Please spare me the "Well don't put sensitive data on a RAID 0 array when you have no redundancy" speech -- I'm already kicking myself for that one.

So I think I'm gonna stay away from RAID that serves no sense of redundancy, and RAID 1 means you're spending money on 2 hard drives but only using the capacity of one. So screw that.

I went ahead and bought a Western Digital Raptor 74gb 10,000 RPM hard drive. Might as well use the lone SATA port that came with the mobo. I'll put my OS and random "my document" files there, and I also bought a Seagate 200gb IDE drive for storage. That way I won't have a raid array but I'll still keep the performance boost from the speedy raptor drive. Unfortunately I'll have a bunch of drive letters in addition to the network, but shit, I was planning on re-doing the OS anyway...I just wanted to save my files first...

So I've got the raptor and the seagate on its way, and the 3200+ proc should be here soon too. All I'd need is a new mobo and RAM and I have a brand new PC, basically. But the mobo works just fine and the RAM is still quite badass (kingston hyper-x pc2700 CAS Latency of 2.0) so I think I've spent enough money.

God damn I hope I get a fat tax return...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

11:22AM - NICE

Just scored myself a Sapphire ATI Radeon x800pro. I'll eventually be flashing it to the x800xti, though I hear you'd have to do a voltage tweak (aside from flashing the bios to unlock the 4 extra pipelines) to get it to really work as the xti and ATI claims that while it will do this with little to no problems, this will decrease the lifespan of the card. I'm sure that's just their way of saying "Please don't do it, we lose money that way" but still, i'm a little leary of adding voltage to anything in my rig. It's hot enough as it is inside, what with the overclocked Athlon 2500+ to a 3200+ (which I'll be replacing with an actual 3200+ soon).

Anyone else had any problems flashing an ATI? It's not as easy as nVidia, what with coolbits and whatnot, but I'd still like to ask around for any caveats before I plunge into potentially ruining my $430 card.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


i need to unlock the vcore bios setting on an asus a7s333 so that i can soft mod the vcore for overclock purposes... im not churning out enough F@H w/u... anyone have any clue as to how

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The iGrill.

Nice job. (Link ala /.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

7:32PM - New Card, Score, Initial Run


Lemme see how you f00's stack

Friday, December 31, 2004




wow long time no post guys wheres everyone at... ok so ive been reading alot of news lately... athlon dual core cpu's??? wow thats gonna be hella fast.. and those dual core cpu's...
well thought id just post...

Monday, December 20, 2004


Hello all. I recently made a community for people like myself who are interested in computers and their hardware, also anime and girls.

Please stop by for a look, maybe stay awhile.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

9:21AM - Laptops

GateWay has a laptop on the cheap if your interested in one...

Intel® Celeron 330 (2.66GHz)
256MB PC2700
40GB 4200rpm Hard Drive
Integrated 24x/10x/24x CD-RW / 8x DVD combo
15" XGA TFT Active Matrix
Integrated Intel® graphics with 32MB UMA memory technology (enough to run warcraft and the likes)
Full-Sized Keyboard and EZ Pad® Pointing Device


I paid $799 for almost the same config except I got a Celeron 2.2, But that was August of 2003.

While I'm on the talk of laptops, here are the specs of my new one that is currently in process of being built:

Pentium 4 3.0GHz w/HT Technology
17.0" WXGA+ BrightView Wide Viewing (1440x900)
128MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) FX Go5700
1.0GB DDR SDRAM (2x512MB)
60 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
4X DVD +/- RW/R & CD-RW Combo (Dual layer!)
54g(TM) 802.11b/g WLAN

Which will lead me into selling my current.

18 months old as of 12/04
Win 2000 Pro
Celeron 2.2
512mb RAM (2x256)
15" LCD
40gb HD
CDR/W and DVD Read
Integrated wireless
about 2.5 hours battery life
powerful enough to run warcraft and the likes just fine in the heat of battles!

I think I'm going to ask $550 but that can be bargained. Upon sale I will wipe the drive and reload the original OS that the laptop has a lisence for, which is XP home. The Win2K lisence belongs to my job.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

7:44AM - Wanted:

128mb or 256mb PC133 memory sticks. If you have any I'm willing to buy or trade.

5:40AM - Alienware ALX

I have to say, after seeing the numbers, that anyone who dropped 7000 dollars on that Alienware Area-51 ALX is remarkably lacking in intelligence and should be marked for robbing due to having too much money.

Apparently at 7000 dollars, for the 2 video cards you get, you get on average 0-2 more frames per second than having just 1 video card. That really was worth the extra 4000 dollars.

Thursday, December 9, 2004


Starting Jan 1, 2005, all cell phone numbers will be made public to
telemarketing firms.  So this means as of Jan 1, your cell phone may
start ringing with telemarketers, but unlike your home phone, most of
you pay for your incoming calls.  These telemarketers will eat up your
free minutes and end up costing you money in the long run.

According to the National Do Not Call List, you have until Dec. 15,
2004 to get on the national "Do not call list" for cell phones. They
said that you need to call 1-888-382-1222 from the cell phone that you
wish to have put on the "do not call list."  They also said you can do
it online at www.donotcall.gov

Registering only takes a minute, is in effect for 5 years, and will
possibly save you money (definitely frustration)!  Make sure you
register now!

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