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I'm looking at a couple of CPU cooler choices for a new rig I'm putting together; the Zalman CNPS9700 LED , and the Coolermaster Aquagate ALC-U01.
The price is almost identical and there's a certain temptation in a small foray into watercooling, so I'm very tempted by the ALC-U01 as it looks like a pretty reasonable setup and should also be less scary than my home made ideas(very short on cash, and my wife REALLY doesn't like the idea:>).
On the other hand the reviews seem to suggest that it's cooling capabilities aren't that impressive (but it's unclear if that's "...for a watercooler" or in general) whereas they all seem pretty impressed with the Zalman air cooler.

The question is which is likely to be more effective at cooling an overclocked Core2Duo processor?
I'm going to be working in a Thermaltake Armor case so there should be plenty of room for either solution; noise is a concern, but not a major one cf cooling capability (I used to have a 120mm Delta running at full speed in my old case-I'd like to keep it quiter than that:>).
How about a different fan on the Aquagate, likely to be worth it or not?
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