Denis Baldwin (denisbaldwin) wrote in computer_mods,
Denis Baldwin

Here's an interesting technical question for those of you who are into this stuff.

System Specs:
FIC Mainboard K8-800T
Running newest bios (from 10/12/2004)

I have two RAID controllers in my system.

One is the onboard RAID0 controlling two RAPTOR74GB SATA drives. This is my boot set and it boots just fine on it's own.
The second is a SIL3114 add-on card supporting RAID5, which I have set up on four 250GB SATA drives for data storage.

When the SIL3114 card was set to RAID0 , the machine would load the SIL card first, account for all the drives in RAID0, then load the onboard RAID chip and account for all of the drives, boot from that system and all was well.

Today, I decided to change the SIL's setup from RAID0 to RAID5, as I wanted redundancy.

The card now reads RAID5 in the setup from the SIL card but doesn't load the board-based RAID0. Upon rebooting, it loads the SIL RAID, then goes to boot from it and fails. There is one jumper one the SIL card (I was hoping this would be to disable boot-from-RAID) that I can't find identification for and when jumped, doesn't look like it makes a bit of difference. It never does load the onboard RAID now.

Intererestly enough, if I remove the SIL Raid drives from the SIL Bios and leave them as non-RAID stand alone drives, it auto-boots the board-RAID just fine. On the same token, if I take the Sil-RAID card out of the machine, it also boots the Board-RAID just fine. Strangely, if I make the Sil drives RAID0 (the way they worked before), the machine WILL NOT load the onboard controller anymore.

So, here's my question...

How do I get my system to boot from the board raid first? Or, alternatively, how do I tell the Sil RAID card not to allow booting and to simply be a SATA RAID5 data drive?

Any help you guys might have would be useful.
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