simon_exile (simon_exile) wrote in computer_mods,

Simple (but complex) Nvidia ntune problem:

I can save a profile, but if I try and load the profile I just saved (even if it a profile with zero changes), ntune just says "there has been a problem loading profile [name] from [path]"

All I want to do is turn down the GPU fan speed by default since it is noisy. It works manually, but is useless if I cannot re-load the associated (or any) profile.

I don't know if it is associated, but whenever I try to get to the motherboard tune part of nTune, nTune crashes. If i stick to GPU tweaks, it is stable. I have never had much joy with ntune with the following, but the new interface is totally rubbish. Nvidia could not have come up with a worse interface.

AMD CPU 3200+
ECS KN1 Extreme SLI motherboard
Geforce 6800 XT GPU

nforce 4 driver: 6.86 amd series
video driver: 91.31
audio driver: 4.62a
ntune: 5.08.06

Finally, I installed amd cool n quiet drivers yesterday. I have tried uninstalling them but does not affect ntune. To be honest, I have not noticed any different with cool and quiet installed (is turned on in bios too!).

Any ideas why I can't load a ntune profile?
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