simon_exile (simon_exile) wrote in computer_mods,

PCI Express problem

Hi - I joined this group today - maybe one of you can help?

I built my current PC last November, which was the first time I have tried doing this:

mobo: ECS KN1 Extreme SLI with two PCI Express x16 slots.
gfx: GeForce 6800XT PCI Express in slot 1 (nothing in slot 2)
proc: AMD Athlon64 3200
RAM: 2x 500MB
HD: 2x 200GB

Thereforce I should get full x16 bandwidth from the PCI Express bus?

The nvidia control panel says that:
Bus: PCI Express x8

see pic:

I have checked mobo manual and bios - can see no reason for it to report x8 unless it for some reason thinks that I have two cards installed, which I do not. I have forceware 81.98 for gfx and nforce x16 6.85 for mobo. I have no other PCI cards installed at all.

Everything works and I get good frames per second playing Quake4, but it is bugging me that I might be getting reduced performance due to bandwidth issues via PCI Express bus. It has always said x8 from the start.

Any ideas - thanks,
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